Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bush got his. Insurance companies got theirs. You?

Here's the first paragraph from a story in today's New York Times:

The Bush administration came out Tuesday in opposition to Democratic proposals to hold down the scheduled 17 percent increase in Medicare premiums next year, saying that a one-year freeze would lead to much higher premiums in 2006.
A part of that 17% hike -- 15% of it -- is due to Bush's Medicare plan's subsidies to HMOs and insurance companies. The issue shouldn't be, let's put off premium increases. We should be asking, Why did insurance companies and HMOs get $12 billion in incentives to lure seniors into managed care, privatized Medicare? And why did they get another $6+ billion in tax-free 'health savings accounts' long pushed by ultra-conservative GOP donor J. Patrick Rooney of Golden Rule Insurance, now a subsidiary of United Health (
read more about that one here)? Both special interest giveaways drive premiums up.

A one-word answer: MONEY.

The insurance/HMO/managed care industry has funnelled $5.2 million to Bush since 1999.

UPDATE: has this to add: By their count, Bush 'Rangers' and 'Pioneers' from the health care industry have bundled $4.5 million. Any way you slice it, it adds up to corruption, plain and simple.

Here's another example of the Bush Conjob. He SAYS a lot & does Nothing meaningful.
He stated he favors mental Health Insurance parity.
The 8 Million Federal employees which includes the EXECUTIVE Branch have mental health insurance parity in their Group Health Insurance program. In Fact, their health insurance I believe is scheduled for a much lower percentage cost increase than Medicare Part B.
Here's the Con Job:
Legislation exists in both Houses of Congress which would require full mental health insurance parity in all groups of 50 or more which provide mental health benefits.
Its amazing THIS legislation has NEVER been brought up to vote on; its buried somewhere. Just like the Semi-Automatic Gun Ban, the President disguises his REAL positions.

The Insurance industry doesn't want Mental Health insurance parity. The industry can deal with determing necessary mental health care for ALL federal employees without a problem, but us regular private sector lackies get ignored.

If Americans desire better Health Care, the Bush administration must go.
Voters don't be fooled...11/2/04
We can't afford 4 more years of this con job.
Drug prices are outrageous. A Republican bill in the Senate would stall 3 years before legalizing Drug importation from Canada. Bush & Company would like to investigate this issue for another 4 years and continue the rape of American drug consumers.
Remember according to the Bushies, if you buy foreign drugs you're liable to die. The fact that Canada purchases the drugs from the same manufacturing plants as we do is totally ignored.
Its also amazing that the Drug companies are able to sell their drugs at 50% less in many cases in Canada. They are NOT selling below cost!
By the way, I really don't want to buy my drugs in Canada. However, having the POWER to buy Canadian drugs would force American drug companies to LOWER their prices HERE.
If you want 4 more years of making Drug companies the most profitable companies in America....Vote Bush.
If you want an administration that will not ignore Average Americans...YOU MUST Vote Kerry-Edwards 2004.
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