Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An ignominious record. May it never be broken.

The numbers are in. Bush raised a record $259 million in private donations -- for his uncontested primary. He broke his own record of $101 million set in 2000.

What could that $259 million buy?

So since this is GeorgeWBuy after all, I went looking on eBay.

Turns out $259 million goes a long ways on eBay, as Dick Cheney knows.

You could buy 52,323,232 "debating John Kerry and George W. Bush" toys, or 15,199,530 George W. Bush jack-in-the-boxes (better hurry on the jack-in-the-box).

But what did the money buy instead?

Policies galore. Medicare. No-bid contracts. Tax policy. Environmental degradation.

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