Friday, September 17, 2004

Kerry ads on Halliburton and Medicare

This is eery. Kerry is launching two new ads:

Following our ad buy, Kerry's campaign will criticize Cheney for the White House giving his former company, Halliburton, a no-bid, multi-billion contract. See Campaign Money Watch's Halliburton spot here.

The second responds to Bush's attack on health care and calls Bush's Medicare plan a giveaway to big drug campanies. The Washington Post does an ad watch on it. Campaign Money Watch will be up next week with a Medicare spot of our own, though much more direct and hard-hitting than this one. More on that later.

(In the meantime, if you want to support our ads, make a donation to Campaign Money Watch.)

I've seen both ads on Halliburton. I like yours better.
Finding out about this website this morning made turning 52 so much sweeter. Thank you - Deirdre the birthday person
It is my understanding that the Federal Government negotiates with the Drug companies regarding Veteran's drugs provided through the Veteran's administration.
This practice should be part of the Medicare Drug Bill which consumers "could" experience in 2006.
Remember- this is the legislation where the REAL costs over 10 years were held back by the Bush Administration until passage of the legislation.... Over 100 billion low. Congressmen were kept in the dark about the REAL costs.
I also was appalled that the Republicans in the House had to keep member voting open for hours to "Strangle-hold" the necessary votes for passage.
Everytime I think about the actions of the Bush administration, I realize SOME voters must be death, dumb & blind.
Wake up Voters.
This is the most important election in 90 years.
Four more years of the Bush crowd could finish us ALL !
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