Saturday, September 18, 2004

Not a reformer

While Bush was raising $1.5 million for the Republican Party yesterday in Charlotte, NC, Bush's campaign filed their second lawsuit alleging violations of campaign finance laws by independent groups yesterday.

Hard to take Bush seriously on reform given the fact the Bush himself is responsible for the implosion of the presidential public financing system and has raised close to $500 million (by Micah's count) in hard money.

This legal strategy is going nowhere. But politically, Bush is trying to shield himself against being attacked as the big money candidate.

Let's face it, no matter how the laws are changed, the Republicans will always RAISE more money to distort & misrepresent the Democratic Presidential Candidates & their positions. This is a certainty.
Its unbelievable to realize that many voters STILL think the invasion of Iraq was done to stop Terrorism.
This Administration misled us into war.
We must FIRE the present administration so we may not be put into this ignorant position again.Let's not stain the memories of the New Yorkers who perished on 9/11 with the INSANITY that Greed has led us into Iraq!
Let us pray for the mental sanity of our voters on 11/2/04.
The last four years must have been a cosmic joke on America. Whatever collective Karma that we have accumulated over the years has got to be paid in full by now. I hope that, and the recent polls show the same of the American people, we can present a clear alternative to Bush in Senator Kerry. I'll gladly vote for Kerry clothes pin free to remove the stench of our decaying nation left by the rat in the White House.
George W. Bush and his co-conspirators will raise plenty of cash from corporations mining, drilling, clearcutting and poisoning the air and water. It’s cheap insurance so they can continue to pollute.

Dubya will also profit nicely from his tax cuts to the rich who support his campaign to continue screwing the poor and middle class. --Russ Nichols,
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