Thursday, September 30, 2004

Who won?

Who do you think won?
Kerry, but only slightly.
Bush lost, bigtime. He looked like a whining, weasling, nasty little pissed-off redneck dumb-shit. All attacks and excuses, avoidance and denial. He looked like a chronic secret wife-beater on trial. A pillar of the community coming apart at the seams. The soccer-moms won't go for it. He'll be more heavily medicated in the next debate.
Kerry's performance was first-rate. One commentator suggested that "The UNITER" Bush had 30 minutes of material for a 90 minute show.
If he said, we're working hard in Iraq one more time, I was going to turn the boob tube off.
Kerry appeared likeable, Knowledgeable & most important Presidential.
Don't miss the VP debate on 10/5.
Its great to hear the candidates discuss issues.
Too many Americans have been influenced by the 30 second garbage TV ads prepared by the Rove distortion team. Hopefully the voters will end Bush's 4 year appointment to the White House on 11/2/04.
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