Monday, September 27, 2004

Who's naughty and nice

"Do Not Open Before the Presidential Election" is the title of today's NYT story on new regulations or rollbacks the Bush Administration is holding until after the election. The list, I am sure, is nowhere near this short.

One example that the Times highlights is the Food and Drug Administration's slow down of regulations regarding what can be considered in animal feed -- an effort to block the spread of mad cow disease. The meat industry's number one recipient of campaign cash is President Bush, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association broke its nonpartisan stance to endorse Bush this year.

"I love those cattlemen!" Bush told the president of the Association at a White House Christmas party, according to the association’s newsletter.

Is their NOTHING this administration will not do to get re-elected. Would they SELL your good health for a few more votes?
This is even worse than eliminating Federal price regulation of Drugs under the new Medicare Drug bill. Seniors are going to get a real treat in 2006 when this ripoff legislation really takes off with their wallets!
Notice how the effect of the Drug legislation really kicks in after the 2004 election.
Could it be their willing to KILL YOU for a few more votes?
Maybe its really time to become a Vegetarian FAST!
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