Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Announcing ads in WI

Here's our press release:
Ad running in three critical Wisconsin media markets
Provides answers Cheney refused to discuss in televised debate

On the heels of last night’s Vice Presidential debate, Campaign Money Watch began airing a television ad sharply criticizing the connections between Vice President Dick Cheney, his former corporation, Halliburton, and the Bush Administration’s decision to give the oil and military services giant a no-bid, multi-billion dollar contract in Iraq. The ad is airing in three media markets across Wisconsin.
“George Bush and Dick Cheney have their heads in the sand if they think they can divert America’s attention away from the serious facts regarding Cheney’s $20 million bonus from Halliburton, the on-going compensation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the no-bid, multi-billion dollar contract the Bush White House handed to Halliburton for services in Iraq,” said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch.
Voters have a right to know why a corporation that can’t account for $1.8 billion in taxpayer funds was the right corporation for the government to give a contract without any competitive process,” continued Donnelly. “That’s a scandal that cannot be hidden from the voters. To have the Vice President of the United States, who was the CEO of Halliburton for five years, refuse to address it forthrightly in last night’s debate added insult to injury.”
The Halliburton TV ad, which can be seen at, is the second wave of advertising Campaign Money Watch has done in Wisconsin. The reform group aired a hard-hitting spot attacking the special interest giveaways in Bush’s Medicare plan.
The new ad is airing in the Green Bay/Appleton, La Crosse/Eau Claire, and Wausau/Rhinelander media markets. The Medicare TV ad also continues to run in the Wausau/Rhinelander market. Campaign Money Watch has spent $475,000 in Wisconsin to air these ads so far.
Campaign Money Watch holds politicians accountable to the public for the special favors they do for their big money backers.

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