Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate Action: Call on Ifill to Ask Cheney About Halliburton

We launched an advocacy campaign today to call on Gwen Ifill of PBS, who is moderating the VP debate between Cheney and Edwards next Tuesday, to ask tough questions of Cheney regarding Halliburton.

Take Action.

Here are the three questions we want Ifill to ask Cheney:

1. What can you say to the American people tonight to reassure them that your past and on-going financial relationship with Halliburton had nothing to do with the special treatment it has received from the Bush Administration?

2. Do you believe your former company, in light of the audit showing that Halliburton can't account for $1.8 billion in taxpayer money, was really the best company to be given a no-bid, multi-billion dollar contract?

3. Regarding the awarding of this no-bid contract, what did you know and when did you know it? Did you or anyone associated with you intervene or lobby on Halliburton's behalf?

Yeah. That's gonna happen. I bet it's a direct violation of rule number 3,628 in the Agreed Debate Format Handbook! Specially trained private civilian subcontractors to the Secret Service will take out the moderator on the first syllable of any word beginning with "Hal---".
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