Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nail "The Hammer"

Tom DeLay is vulnerable in his district, and we decided to take him on. Working with other national groups, we will hold DeLay accountable for his egregious ethics violations.

Contribute to this campaign today:

We also need a name for the campaign. How about these?

Enough DeLay Already
Nail "The Hammer"
Dump DeLay
Act Without DeLay

Suggest your own. Second other nominations. Add your comments.

"The Yellow Skies of Texas"

(Sure, you know the tune.)

(With your choice of two endings!!!)

The Yellow Skies of Texas, grow darker every day,

Because of folks like "W", and his pal Tom Delay.

They proudly claim the Lone Star, they call the state their own,

They filled the air with poison, then made D.C. their home.

They said they would unite us, and give everyone a job,

But we all caught bronchitis, from breathin’ in their smog.

So they put their stock in HMO’s, now they charge us for the cure,

While the rivers in the Lone Star State, run brown with hog manure.

The founders of this nation, that then became a state,

Would surely stand united, against this awful fate.

To watch their boundaries twisted, like carving up the beast,

And all to build the fortunes, of some billionaires back east.

Yes, The Yellow Skies of Texas, grow darker every day,

From El Paso to Port Arthur, clear down to South Padre,

I think if you could resurrect, The Ghosts of Alamo,

They would all, with one accord, tell(say) "W" where(has) to go.

(Feel free to copy this with impunity.)

"Justice Delay-ed Is Justice Denied"

"The insolence of office and the law's Delay"

"SAVE TEXAS: Without Delay!"

"Don't Delay, Vote [the other guy]!"

"Delay, NOT!"
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