Friday, October 22, 2004

Timken back in the news

Bush is going to Timken Company in Canton, Ohio today, according to this report in the Plain-Dealer. There can be no doubt now that he's absolutely tone-deaf to workers concerns.

Here's what one response was from critics in the news:

"But critics say Timken and Bush broke one end of the bargain: The company got tax cuts, anti-dumping help and military contracts. It began building another plant in China its fourth as part of its growing presence in 27 countries.

"But the workers in Canton, where little of the military work is performed, were left to fight for their jobs. The company, though profitable, says employee costs at those plants are too high.

"'Timken is benefiting from tax breaks and from contracts at the same time they're moving jobs away from America,' said Kathy Roeder, a spokeswoman for John Kerry's presidential campaign. 'That concept is out of whack.'"

Campaign Money Watch's Special Interest Spotlight (now on hiatus) covered this earlier this year, not just once, but twice. W.R. Timken, the company's CEO, is a major Bush and Republican Party fundraisier/contributor.

Hey, it's just logrolling: They give to Bush, Bush gives to them. Those workers probably just didn't give enough money to the Republicans to save their jobs. They'll know better next time, I guess. The system WORKS! All it needs is money. Lots and lots of money.
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