Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Wrap Up

Maybe a draw, maybe Cheney did slightly better than Edwards. Does it matter? It does to activists who are going out to knock on doors, hand out literature, make phone calls, etc.

Edwards could have really made the charges stick on jobs, health care, Medicare, tax policy, etc. by backing them up with specific details about Bush/Cheney's funding. That's when you put Bush and Cheney into the box of being typical politicians. And the money gives the reason why Bush and Cheney pursue policies.

Bottom line: Edwards could have done better and could have really pinned much more to Bush/Cheney, by using Halliburton and other special interest deals more effectively.
Yeah. Edwards was no Luke Skywalker. And Cheney wasn't quite Darth Vader, for a change. This debate won't change many minds. But how many undecideds are left out there, for chrissakes? What the hell are they waiting for? Bush's head to explode? It could happen, if they don't adjust his meds for the next debate. He needs to be reprogrammed, too. Lotta bugs, glitches and stray pixels there. Send him back to North Korea for a quick refit. Then we can get back on track for WWIII.
Ooops. Didn't mean to be anonymous! I don't even knowwho that is!
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